Medical Equipment LMT LASER MEDI TRADE at Pallini

Some of the medical equipment provided by our company


Fractional Co2 Laser


HIFU HiproV (ultrasound)

What is HiPRO-V HiPRO-V is the latest technology of HIFU (Micro-focused ultrasound waves ), aim to stimulate the body’s natural healing and cell regeneration process, which in turn boosts collagen and influences an uplifted effect.

This happens without disturbing the skin’s surface and a non-invasive MFU device can be used to lift tone and tighten facial and neck skin, as well as improve the appearance of the décolleté.

US 9 LMT LipoFreeze System


Quantum 810nm Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

Quantum DiodeFiber HR XL : The latest 810nm fiber coupled diode laser for hair removal and more applications. Compared with normal diode laser, Quantum has laser generator inside the machine and not in hand piece.

So energy and heat transfer are released by fiber. Normal diode laser's hand piece is heavy, expensive and frail, but Quantum is light and strong.

Diamond Plus Dermabrasion Machine


ESWP Electric Shock Wave Prosonic

Erectile dysfunction Prostatitis (All kinds of infection related to prostate gland) Prostate stone Benign hypertrophy of the prostate Prostate enlargement Inflammation disease of Anal fistula or Perianal abscess Orthopedic disorders